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God of War 3 video trailer first footage at the E3 2008 (HD)

SCEA first showed us a glimpse of God of War 3 first during E3 2008. The trailer video was a downright teaser, which showed us nothing, yet gave us a window into what Kratos had been doing these past four years. The trailer shows lightning striking across turbulent seas, lava flowing out from peaks, evidence of ruins, desolation and destruction in the Spartan countryside AND ofcourse Kratos standing on top of a ruined Greek structure.


God of War 3 Fear Nothing Epic Scale HD video trailer:

Sony released its first gameplay video trailer during the Spike VGA (Video Game Awards) show on December 15th 2008. The trailer was a little more forthcoming and showed Kratos facing off around 50 skeletons and blasting them off with with a Lion-headed Cestus. An extended version of this trailer was shown in February which showed the amazing new powers of Kratos. I won't spoil the details but check it out for yourself. The end is stunning!


God of War 3 E3 2009 Full Demo Complete 20 Minutes (HD):

Okay, I had to search a lot for locating an HD version of God of War 3 Demo which spans around 20 minutes containing the entire demo which was missed out in the E3 audience presentation. The video below showed some really interesting things. Button presses, new button functions. Use of the L2+ CIRCLE to grab a Harpy and control it. Use of L2 + R1 to activate Helios' Head, etc. Watch it and I am sure that you will enjoy it.

Just a word of caution for the faint-hearted. Kratos will rip off Helios head. The first time, I saw, it freaked me, but then, hell, its only a game. And you wont complete God of War 3 without finding the Secret Passage of Eos.




God of War 3 Interviews by GameTrailer:

GameTrailer.com interview Vassily Filippo, the Lead Game programmer of God of War III:

Vassily tells how they discussed what-if scenarios with his developers. What if we could detail everything? What if we could get on top of a cyclop? Vassily also talks about how the game being developed on the Playstation 3 is a dream come true. Now there are very few set-pieces, almost everything is modelled and you can now interact with the world and its elements.


God of War 3 Game Director Interview:

In this interview, Stig Asmussen talks about how the game engine was created from scratch. This is because the no Playstation 3 games till date have the kind of gigantic levels that God of War 3 has. In Stig's words, creating the moving Titanic levels are like "moving mountains". Kratos will have multiple grab moves by which he can use special attacks against some type of enemies. Also the development team is trying to make user-friendly sub-weapons which can be switched easily. Stig is candid enough to admit that the sex mini-game is a double-edged sword and are working to create a cool twist in it.


God of War 3 Interview with Production Team:

Here we understand how the trailer was produced.


God of War 3 Design Director Interview:

Todd Pappy, the Design Director, is your go-to guy for how the player will complete the game using the weapons, environment, enemies to Kratos' advantage. Todd talks about how some levels will be on Titans and based on how the Titan will be moving, the floor can become a wall or a ceiling. Todd also talks about the new weapon, the Fire Bow and how you have to decide whom and when to use it.




God of War 1: God of War Collection gameplay on PS3  (HD)

The God of War Collection is out. The story remains the same, but the visuals... they are HD baby! Check out the below video and you can see for yourselves why SCEA invested months in recreating/remastering a perfect game.


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