God of War 3 News
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God of War 3 Video Walkthrough

by on Mar.16, 2010, under God of War 3, gow3, PS3, Videos, Walkthrough

God of War 3 Video Walkthrough:
From the starting first scene to God of War 3 ending with … wait for it … spoilers galore.

We are few hours away from the retail release of God of War 3. However, some fanboy has already completed the GoW3 and has uploaded it on YouTube. I just reviewed the first video playthrough and its the real stuff. I thought about whether I should include video spoilers or not, but I thought that some fans may watch it to know the complete God of War 3 story. Others may want a complete video walkthrough of GoW3 and they can peruse this when they are stuck in the game.

A Trophy system is included, which shows up whenever you have achieved something. Bonus videos and unlockables like the Challenge of Olympus comes up when you complete the game.

The Levels are designed based on which Titan you are on, so its no surprise that the first level is named Gaia. The difficulty modes in God of War 3 are the following:
– Spartan (Easy)
– God (Normal)
– Titan (Hard)
– Chaos (Very Hard)

The Rage mode is now known as Rage of Sparta. In previous God of Wars, it was Rage of Gods and Rage of Titans.
God of War 3 Weapons will include:
– Blades of Exile
– Blades of Olympus
– Claws of Hades
– Nemean Cestus
– Nemean Whip

Okay, I won’t tell you about the magic, but you can find it for yourself when you play. Here’s the God of War 3 video walkthrough. Part 1 is right below. Watch it then watch Part 2 right below it. Part 2 is actually part of a playlist, so once you finish it, just click on the right arrow at the right of the Part 2 video. Enjoy!

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God of War 3 Trailer : Chaos will rise again in 2010

by on Feb.12, 2010, under God of War 3, gow3, News, Videos

I just had a peek at the latest God of War 3 Trailer released yesterday. Just to emphasize, the new trailer came almost a year later. I was slightly disappointed with the short trailer, precisely because it was so short… just above one & half minutes.

The other thing was I was expecting a sequential story type trailer similar to the 3 minute Epic scale trailer shown last February. This trailer is more like a collection of scenes … but the scenes are awesome.

We have our first video look at Hades boss battle with Kratos. The other great stuff is the the fight of Kratos vs Leviathan, the water-crab-horse on Gaia’s arm.

Watch the Trailer below and you can be sure you want to get God of War 3 so bad, you will want to break-in Santa Monica studio armed with the Blades of Chaos replicas. Just letting my imagination go wild.

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God of War 4? The joke is on me

by on Feb.01, 2010, under God of War 4, Interviews, News, Videos

When this fansite was launched, I had used God of War 4 as a prank. Now, it seems that the joke is on me. SCEA Director of Product Development John Hight recently spoke with Gamervision about the possibilities of future God of Wars.

God of War 3 will be the end of the trilogy. I have no idea how they are going to make God of War 4, what the story will be about and what time period from Kratos’ life they will take up. I am sure that there will be mixed reactions with some fans rejoicing that they will be able to do more hacking-n-slashing… and some fans thinking that it will be too much of a good thing.

The biggest concern that I have is of the story. This is also addressed by John: “This is not the end of God of War. This is definitely the end of the trilogy, but we are going to continue to do God of War games. We are going to be careful about what we do. We are the keepers of the franchise and we don’t want to see it ruined or polluted.”

I am guessing that “God of War 4” will be a PSP version. What do you say? Comment below.

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ESRB censors God of War III trailers!

by on Jul.30, 2009, under God of War 3, gow3, News, Videos

God of War III Censored by ESRB logo

God of War III Censored by ESRB logo

God of War has always been trademark brutal and seemed to have stretched the boundaries a lot in GoW1 & 2. However, Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has decided that God of War 3 is pushing it too far. ESRB has clamped down on sites showing God of War 3 trailers and forced them to show censored God of War 3 videos. GameTrailers.com has been one of those that have borne the brunt to unreluctantly show the below censored footage:

Yeah! Those pesky “Censored by ESRB” messages during the finishing moves are a real irritant. Though ESRB intentions are honest, the way they have gone ahead in censoring these videos is questionable. ESRB hasn’t been able to clearly censor everything that should have been censored as you can see in the video. The other issue is why do we have to type in our age if we still would be presented with censored gameplay. Censored gameplay viewing is okay for kids, but showing it to mature audiences is childish!

Also, what about video community sites like Youtube that already have the uncensored God of War 3 Trailers? A better solution would be that ESRB and SCEA (or other video developers) come together to decide what would be appropriate footage that can be publicly displayed, prior to events such as E3. This would be a common sense and pro-active.

Do you want to watch the uncensored God of War III videos. Watch them here courtesy Youtube!

News Source

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God of War 3: Video Interview with SCEA developers

by on Mar.27, 2009, under God of War 3, gow3, Interviews, Videos

Fast Facts:

Believe it or not, God of War 3 is already FOUR years in the making. While most of SCEA team was giving the finishing touches to God of War 2 in March 2005, couple of developers had already started work on creating the Engine for GOW3.


The game will be running at 1080 pixel High Definition resolution. And developers intend to extract every single bit of gaming prowess that is dormant under the PS3’s hood.

It has been discussed, though not confirmed if God of War 3 will have a separate multiplayer capability.

SQUARE-SQUARE-TRIANGLE is alive and kicking! Kratos’ Plume of Prometheus, the most famous combo in the Playstation world will be continued.

Kratos will have the ability to interact with the environment. In previous versions of God of War, he was able to interact only with orb chests, doors, elevator cranks. This time, Kratos can use one enemy against other, cross chasms using harpies and also use enemies to unravel puzzles.

The scale of the game will be Titanic literally. If you haven’t yet checked the third trailer of the God of War 3, do so now. Kratos fights off a centaur, then undead skeletons and finally a Cyclops in a forest. What’s new? You may think. The scariest part is while fighting the Cyclops, the earth starts shifting and Kratos grabs a Harpie’s legs and flies to safety. Then you realize that the forest within which you were fighting was Gaia’s back??!!! OMFG!!!

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