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God of War 3 (GoW3) on PS2, Xbox 360 and PCs?

by on Jun.30, 2009, under God of War 3, gow3

It was brought to our notice that some users were trying to search Google to find out if God of War 3 (GoW3) is available to play on Playstation 2 (PS2) consoles or Xbox 360 or on PCs.

The short answer is NO.

The long answer:
It is very difficult to port a game designed for one console to work on another. As in this case, God of War 3 has been developed exclusively for the PS3. The pixel size of Kratos himself has quadrapled to 20000 polygons. GoW2 on PS2 had Kratos with only 5000 polygons. PS2 wont be able to even process Kratos’ movements, let alone the Gods and Titans.

The other minor issue is the big war between PS3 vs Xbox. Sony is banking a lot on God of War fans to buy a PS3 just to play GoW3. Do you think they would release it for Microsoft’s PCs or Xbox 360s?

Consider the other side of the coin. Would Microsoft release Halo 3 or Gears of War 3 on PS3? Absolutely not.
Bottomline: GoW3 can be played ONLY on PS3. I know a lot of fans are disappointed that GoW3 on PS2 is not possible. But Hey! A look at the GoW3 Trailers justify just why Kratos in GoW3 looks so amazing! That’s the power of the Playstation 3.

Watch the GoW3 Trailers here while I log on to Amazon…you know for what!

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10 Comments for this entry

  • Amazon

    This is suck man i think sony is stupid and asshole because if i buy the PS3 juz for god of war 3 i think that is a stupid idea.

    if Sony is brilliant they can release god of war 3 on ps2.

    i challenge that if Sony can make the GOW3 on PS2
    i will salute and say that Sony is the best game makers.

  • Anon

    Amazon… I love my PS2 and delayed getting a next-gen console till just about a month ago. The PS3s drop in price, coupled with its capabilities definitely pushed it ahead of the 360.

    I’ve played the Demo for this game and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Definitely not something the PS2 could handle.

    If the PS3 was still $500 and didn’t have any features, then this game wouldn’t be worth it.

  • Byobnaf

    I’m glad GoW 3 isn’t going to other consoles right away or even ever, since Ubisoft said they didn’t want the new Splinter Cell on PS3 it’s fair that we get one that 360 can’t have. And for PS2 couldn’t agree more, the first two were made for it, the third should be as well.

  • JhayEm

    Why can’t they have the same game for the 360 when the ps3’s graphics is almost like the xbox’s graphics.. whats the use of the xbox’s power when it has a better chance of making gamers enjoy it on the xbox than the ps2! I think that their just wasting their efforts in making a good game without sharing it to consoles that can handle the graphics especially the xbox 360! whaaaaaaaaaa! Now i can’t play gow3 on my xbox.. f**k!

  • riz007

    man sony sucks why is sony so selfish i kno ps2 cant handle it but still they can releas it on pc and more over ps3 sucks bcause of its price i dnt think people afford to buy ps3 just for this game its bull shit

  • RafiqueMemon

    realse this game gow3 in ps2. sacrifice on graphics we dont care

  • Rahul Vaish

    It is possible to release GOW3 on PS2 because GOW2 also had Titans and Gods who fought with Kratos. I agree that processing on PS2 will not be possible but this can be achieved by degrading the graphics. GOW2 was very good in terms of graphics. I agree that on PS2 graphics will not be so great but this can be compromised. At least we will be able to complete the trilogy. Just for GOW3 I will not buy PS3. If Sony releases GOW3 on PS2 I believe that sales will be huge. That way Sony can make lot of money. Remember that there are 150 million PS2 users on this planet.

  • Manish Rathi

    when are coming out God Of War 3 on PC plz.. tell me

  • Rimantas

    Those of you who like God of War. I highly rcmnmeeod these better games.Dante’s Inferno, Lords of Shadow, X Men Origins Wolverine, Bayonetta(not a great game, but better than God of Bore,) Ninja Gaiden 2 or Sigma 2(so the one for the NES or PS3 ,) Castlevania Lament of Innocence, Legacy of Kain Defiance, or any Devil May Cry.If you want a Sony first party exclusive? Then forget God of War. Just about everything else is better. Story and gameplay atleast. God of War has some of the best graphics and some really good music.VN:R_U [1.9.12_1141](from 2 votes)

  • Vulcao

    I have foreseen this seiers going multiplayer for a long time. Kratos is awesome but it would be epic if there were more to control. I have been writting a book seiers to showcase what happens after God of War 3 and eventually I use more than one at a time. His brother is just one of the warriors. (To go on a tangent) God of War Egyptian Bloodlines is the first book in the seiers. Google it and read what I have posted of teh book so far. There is a facebook page dedicated to the book too. Look it up and like the page.VN:R_U [1.9.12_1141](from 0 votes)

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