God of War 3 News
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Archive for June, 2009

God of War 3 (GoW3) on PS2, Xbox 360 and PCs?

by on Jun.30, 2009, under God of War 3, gow3

It was brought to our notice that some users were trying to search Google to find out if God of War 3 (GoW3) is available to play on Playstation 2 (PS2) consoles or Xbox 360 or on PCs.

The short answer is NO.

The long answer:
It is very difficult to port a game designed for one console to work on another. As in this case, God of War 3 has been developed exclusively for the PS3. The pixel size of Kratos himself has quadrapled to 20000 polygons. GoW2 on PS2 had Kratos with only 5000 polygons. PS2 wont be able to even process Kratos’ movements, let alone the Gods and Titans.

The other minor issue is the big war between PS3 vs Xbox. Sony is banking a lot on God of War fans to buy a PS3 just to play GoW3. Do you think they would release it for Microsoft’s PCs or Xbox 360s?

Consider the other side of the coin. Would Microsoft release Halo 3 or Gears of War 3 on PS3? Absolutely not.
Bottomline: GoW3 can be played ONLY on PS3. I know a lot of fans are disappointed that GoW3 on PS2 is not possible. But Hey! A look at the GoW3 Trailers justify just why Kratos in GoW3 looks so amazing! That’s the power of the Playstation 3.

Watch the GoW3 Trailers here while I log on to Amazon…you know for what!

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God of War 3 (GoW3) Review of Demo Game:

by on Jun.16, 2009, under God of War 3, gow3

This is a review of the God of War 3 (GoW3) Demo, first displayed at E3 2009. We will be looking at different aspects of GoW3 like Graphics, Audio, Gameplay, Story, Replayability, etc.

God of War 3 (GoW3) starts off with Kratos on a mountain-side path. The city of Olympia shows up in the distance. Olympia is a fortified city at the base of Mount Olympus. Kratos is shown using his trademark Blades of Athena against the enemies. Kratos also has new Grab moves up his sleeve (or should I say Fleece). Grab an enemy using CIRCLE and then you have the option to use the enemy as a battering ram, throw it at other soldiers, rip it apart, etc.

You can switch weapons in the middle of a move. The SQUARE-SQUARE-TRIANGLE move is available both for the Blades as well as for the Cestus. So also, we do have Special Moves with the Cestus i.e. L1 + any of the buttons when using the Cestus.

Additionally, a new element has been introduced in GoW3, wherein the magic meter fills up automatically after some time. This was displayed with the Fire Bow (similar to Typhon’s Bane in GoW2) with which you can attack distant enemies. You can make around 6 hits at enemies before the Bow meter empties. It takes another 5 seconds for the meter to regenerate fully. This is better than previous God of War games where in you had to conserve your magic, especially for boss fights. Interestingly, there were three meters on the top left of the screen; one for health, the second completely empty and the third for the Fire Bow. It isn’t really clear whether the Fire Bow has replaced the Amulet of Fates, and the second meter will still be the magic meter.

It seems that the makers of God of War are in tune with fan feelings. It comes to light when you hear Stig Asmussen speak about why sub-weapons like the Barbarian Hammer, Spear of Destiny, Blade of Artemis, etc weren’t favored by gaming enthusiasts. The stock weapon of choice being the Blades of Athena for its all-round (literally!) usefulness. Most Playstation games have the weapons-switch option on the D-pad; God of War was an exception. God of War 1 & 2 had the sub-weapons by pressing the L and R buttons or two buttons simultaneously. This has been fixed in GoW3. Kratos has a sub-weapon called Cestus which are a pair of Lion-headed gauntlets. The Cestus is great for close hand-combat type melee situations, whereas the Blades of Athena are good for general fighting.

A good improvement has been with the Quick-Time Event buttons. In GoW1 & GoW2, the button prompts used to come in the center of the screen. In GoW3, SQUARE comes on the left side, TRIANGLE button prompt comes on top, CIRCLE comes on the right side and X comes at the bottom of the screen. The L1 and R1 buttons come on the top-left and top-right corners respectively. CIRCLE button mashing comes at the bottom-right corner. This does help during the boss-fights as dont have to squint to see which button prompt comes on screen; rather just by seeing the side of the screen on which the prompt comes up, we can mash the corresponding buttons. This will surely slash off precious fractions of seconds during the boss-battles and make it a touch easy.

The framerate in GoW3 is variable like GoW1 & GoW2. The framerate will vary between 30 to 60 frames per second, and never drop below 30 frames. David Jaffe had a philosophy, which said that if a puzzle, fight or a scene needs to be in a game; then he made sure it was in the game, irrespective of the framerate. This philosophy had been adopted by Cory Barlog and now Stig.

The art direction is vividly implanted in your mind, as you see Kratos traversing mountainsides, fighting the Army of Olympus soldiers like the undead, Harpies, Centaurs and Cyclops with brutal realism. Each move has been carefully calibrated; worked out in minute detail. This can be understood, when you realize that each of Kratos’ teeth are modelled separately.

The number of soldiers at a time have been ramped up to 50 from a maximum of 15 in GoW2. Kratos is now made up of 20,000 polygons of moving flesh and muscle; and we haven’t even started talking about the big daddy of them all: the Titans. The Fire Titan shows up in the background as massive living body made of rock and molten lava. Stig revealed that he is Perses, the Titan of Destruction. Aptly named, he smashes through the Greek architecture with ease. The fight between Helios vs Fire Titan Perses makes up for an interesting backdrop as Kratos goes around the area smashing up Zeus’ minions.

The Demo processes graphics at 720p; Stig has mentioned that the resolution will go up to 1080p and 1080i before the final game is released.

As we have come to expect from a God of War game, the score is of the highest quality. The opera based music really peps you up. The background score varies based on what is happening in the game and meshes perfectly with the overall feel of the game. The score is quiet when you are alone, and drums up in a foreboding manner whenever, you are about to face enemies.

Though not much of the story is shown in the game, we could still pick up some clues from Stig Asmussen. The Demo is set 3 hours in the actual game. Stig has confirmed that the Demo is a specific part of the story, and not a separate element. Kratos will NOT have Sex with women. He will get to fight between 5-10 Gods which include the Gods we saw on the balcony at the end of GoW2. The Titan Gaia will be a key character in the story and the Blade of Olympus missing in the demo and video trailers will make a comeback at some point in the game.

Considering that Stig Asmussen has gone on to say that “We want this game to show what the Playstation 3 is capable of.”, the SCEA Santa Monica team still has a long way to go. It is a good thing that the release date is in March 2010. The music is what we were impressed with most. The Fire Bow is a good add-on for the gameplay. The graphics still need to be a notch better, though the environmental realism is excellent. Nothing much, happens storywise, expect that we get to brutally behead Helios and obtain his Head. It seems that the Head may also be used to find secret chests. The demo is good to play a couple of times, just to go through the environments and get a hang of the Cestus and the Harpy Rides.
The final ‘as is’ impression of the demo tells us that the possibilities and potential in God of War 3 are great. Not very unlike a magic chest full of orbs waiting to be opened!

This article is brought to you by www.gow4.com . Are you aware of the current List of God of War 3 Controls? Want to show your knowledge about Kratos’ moves, then click here.

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God of War 3 controls: What are the new GoW3 moves in gameplay?

by on Jun.12, 2009, under God of War 3, gow3

God of War 3 controls are excellent and deep in gameplay. We had a look at the Demo and decided to have our very own list of moves Kratos uses during the game. Most of them have been inherited from GoW1 and GoW2, some are new and exciting. We will try to update the GoW3 Controls as and when information about new Kratos’ moves come up. Please note that the Cestus also performs similar moves to the Blades of Athena. The Plume of Prometheus using the Cestus will also produce two horizontal swipes and one vertical merciless smash, knocking out all undead enemies of Kratos. Here are the details:

Light Attack: SQUARE
Heavy Attack: TRIANGLE
Icarus Wings: Press X, X and Hold X to glide
Block: L1 to block attacks.
Evade: Right analog stick
Special Moves: L1 + SQUARE, TRIANGLE or CIRCLE
Open Chests or Doors: R1
Battering Ram: Press CIRCLE to grab an enemy and then press SQUARE
Fire Bow: L2 + SQUARE
Harpy Ride: L1 + CIRCLE
Harpy Ride Jump: Press X to jump from Harpy to Harpy
Weapon Switching: Right button on D-pad for Cestus, Down button for Blades.
Ledge Hang: Press R1 to drop down to Ledge; press X to pull up from Ledge.
Cyclops Ride: Left analog stick to move  the Cyclops.
Helios Head: Hold L2 and tap R1 to pull out the head. The controller will rumble when you are close to a secret.
Helios Beam: Use beam to temporarily illuminate enemies
Icarus Vent: Press X to jump into the vent.

Zeus, beware! The Cestus will have your butt for breakfast!
Alas, he will suffer… Start button mashing!

This article brought to you by www.gow4.com   Have you had a look at the GoW3 Trailers in HD? The HD Trailers look beautiful. You can watch them here.

With the release of God of War 3, the controls are now known. The following moves are available in chronological order:

Army of Sparta:
Press R2 to summon a phalanx of spears and shields

Bow of Apollo
Hold L2 to draw the bow.
Hold L2 and press SQUARE to fire.
Hold L2 and hold and release SQUARE to shoot a charged fire arrow that will burn enemies and bramble.

Claws of Hades:
Soul Summon:
Press R2 to summon a soul.
Switch souls from within the START menu.

Weapon Switching:
Press Down for Cestus.
Press Right for Claws.
Press Up for Blades.
Press Left for Nemesis Whip.
Use L1 and X to rapidly switch weapons while attacking.

Head of Helios
Hold L2 and tap TRIANGLE to activate the head.
The head will glow brighter near secrets.

Near gold dust, use Right analog stick to aim the beam and reveal godly secrets.
Solar Flash: Hold L2 and tap TRIANGLE to illuminate and stun enemies.

Item Switching:
While holding the L2,
Press SQUARE for Bow of Apollo.
Press TRIANGLE for Head of Helios.
Press X for Boots of Hermes.

Boots of Hermes:
Use the Hermes boots to run on walls.
Hold L2 and press X to dash into the Hermes Brand symbol.

Hermes Dash:
While in the air, use Right analog stick to evade.

Nemean Roar:
Press R2 to slam the Cestus into the ground and create an explosive wave.

Nemesis Whip Attacks:
Hold SQUARE or hold TRIANGLE at the end of a combo to keep spinning the blades of the whip.

Nemesis Rage:
Press R2 to electrify an enemy.

Boreas Icestorm:
Press R1 to use the Boreas Icestorm as a source of energy to power certain devices.

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SCEA (GOW3) God of War 3 release date announced on E3!

by on Jun.02, 2009, under God of War 3, gow3

SCEA today told an eagerly waiting audience at the E3 Sony Press Conference that God of War 3 (GOW3) will be releasing on March 2010! Kratos will climb Mount Olympus on the rising expectations of thousands of fans on this day to ensure that everything comes to an end, once and for all. Fans and media had been speculating for months whether the game would be releasing in December 2009 or in March 2010, however, all speculation has been laid to rest through this confirmed news by Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) themselves. A demo was also shown.

God of War 2 had ended on an intriguing note with Kratos scaling Mount Olympus and assisting Gaia and the Titans to fight the Great War 2 with Zeus and the Gods.

Additionally SCEA CEO Jack Tretton said that 364 Playstation Platform games will be released this year. Wow! That’s a game every day!

Playstation 2 outsold next-generation consoles in April. Even though this is its 9th year in existence.  Jack has announced that 100 new PS2 titles will be coming up this year.

PSP Go, the worst kept secret during E3 2009 was officially shown and will be publicly releasing on Oct 1 2009. The price of PSP Go will be $249.99 in US and 249.99 Euros in EU.

One of the really amazing things of the conference was the display of a motion control for PS3 called EyeTool, which seems to be a good answer to Project Natal.

If you want to watch the complete HD version of the uncensored God of War 3 Demo thats 20 min long, you can watch it here.

Oh! and if this is your first visit to gow4.com, check out our fanfictional God of War 4 story

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